Do you want to take the stress out of money?

When he's not at work, Oliver enjoys the social things in life, especially catching up with friends, cycling and playing golf badly.

Recently, Oliver is finding that staying in control of his financial life is becoming quite challenging. Things like juggling his telephone and electricity bills, paying off credit cards, personal and other loans, are becoming stressful. He also recently received three superannuation fund statements and wondered how he could put it all together in one account.

Oliver doesn't know how to make things better or who to turn to for help; it's not an ideal place to be. But Oliver isn't alone. Sadly, many people feel this way during their life journey. Life is complicated enough without having to suffer personal financial stress. In extreme cases, financial stress can lead to arguments with loved ones.

Many Australians feel stressed about money. That's because most Australians don't have formal training in financial management and most don't seek financial advice. This, coupled with our 'no worries' attitude and our 'you don't talk about money' culture is a recipe for financial woe. And like most life challenges, avoiding problems doesn’t make them go away.

As a child, Oliver was given a weekly allowance and a money box from his parents. This really was the extent of his financial education. Oliver's parents weren't the best people to teach him about financial management anyway given their own financial experiences.

As Oliver started to earn more money, he realised he needed help to get his financial life sorted. With the right financial advice coach, Oliver got his finances organised, set himself goals and started saving.

Seeking financial advice from a Financial Services Partners Adviser provided Oliver with the opportunity to work with someone who could help him:

  • review his financial situation
  • understand his cash flow and spending needs
  • get organised and set a budget
  • establish realistic and achievable savings goals
  • put savings, superannuation and insurances in place, and
  • stay in control and avoid the stress.

With the financial advice of a Financial Services Partners Adviser, Oliver was able to take the stress out of money.

Best of all, Oliver became organised and in control of his financial destiny. For the first time in his life, Oliver felt confident about his financial future.

If you're like Oliver and ready for good financial advice, we can match you with a suitable Financial Services Partners Adviser who will be happy to begin working with you to create a financial plan that's right for you.

To get started, please use our adviser matching service.

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