For many parents, education is one of the most important gifts they can give to their children. Often it's because they were given a good start by their own parents and it's important for them to make sure they provide their own children with the same opportunity.

Unfortunately, the cost of education can be expensive. On top of school fees, you'll need to factor in expenses such as school uniforms, special tuition costs, textbooks, sporting interests, music lessons and excursions.

One of the keys to success is making good financial decisions for your family. It's about ensuring that you'll be able to afford to provide your children with the level of education that you want for them.

A Financial Services Partners Adviser can help you. You don't have to make financial decisions by yourself.

They will assist you with advice on:

  • helping you define your financial goals
  • establishing a budget
  • having a good debt management plan in place, including the quickest way to pay off your government HELP debt
  • understanding your current situation
  • identifying your family and lifestyle goals
  • determining your current income needs
  • preparing a budget
  • starting an education savings plan
  • growing your investments, and
  • protecting your income and assets through personal insurance.

Your Financial Services Partners Adviser will work with you to develop a financial plan that's specifically tailored to you. They will evaluate your current situation and take into account your future financial and lifestyle goals.

If you're ready to start saving for your children's education, we can match you with a suitable Financial Services Partners Adviser who will be happy to begin working with you to create a financial plan that's right for you.

To get started, please use our adviser matching service.

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