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Tax Planning
Is your income tax liability acceptable?
Do you feel you are optimising use of all tax minimisation strategies?
Retirement Planning
Are you already retired?
Do you anticipate a rollover of retirement or super savings?
Do you plan to retire soon?
Do you know at what age you would like to retire?
Do you know whether you have enough money for retirement?
Educational Planning
Do you have sufficient funds for your children’s education?
Is the invested money properly registered in the appropriate name?
Do you plan on having children / further children?
Are there any other family members (like grandchildren) that you wish to assist with education funding?
Investment Planning
Do you need financial organisation?
Has your portfolio been reviewed by a financial adviser?
Do you have sufficient cash flow?
Do you need budget planning?
Does your portfolio protect you from financial disaster?
Do you have adequate asset diversification?
Does your portfolio protect you from inflation?
Does your portfolio match your risk tolerance?
Do you plan on making additional investments?
Business Planning (if applicable)
Do you feel that you are making the best of tax minimisation strategies?
Is your business tax planning coordinated with your personal tax planning?
Will you acquire or sell a business in the near future?
Do you have adequate business protection and/or succession planning in place?
Do you feel you have adequate Life insurance?
Do you feel you have adequate Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance?
Do you feel you have adequate Trauma insurance?
Do you feel you have adequate Income Protection insurance?
Have you had an objective, independent review and analysis of your insurances?
Are you able to salary sacrifice in your workplace?
Do you have access to company shares?
Do you expect an increase in income?
Do you plan on changing jobs?
Do you know if your employer’s superannuation fund is adequate for your retirement needs?
Estate Planning
Do you have a current will?
Have you had your will reviewed recently?
Does your will have provisions for new family members?
Have you done inheritance planning?
Do you have Enduring Powers of Attorney on yourself or others?
Are you a beneficiary of any trusts or wills?
Mortgage Planning
Do you plan on moving?
Do you plan on buying a house?
Do you plan to or need to refinance your home?
Do you need mortgage or other financing analysis?

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