Trauma insurance

A Financial Services Partners Adviser can help assess how Trauma insurance can help you protect what is important.

What is Trauma insurance?

Trauma insurance provides a lump sum benefit, or equivalent instalments, if you are diagnosed with a specific illness or injury covered by the policy. This includes cancer, stroke, heart disease, blindness, severe burns, loss of speech or deafness. The lump sum benefit amount chosen by you, can be used to reduce debts, pay for medical expenses and maintain your lifestyle while you recover.

What kind of goals can Trauma insurance be used for?

Trauma insurance is important for families or for those with dependants, especially when only one spouse is working. Consider the consequences if one half of a couple became seriously ill and was unable to work. How would they cope with the mortgage and everyday expenses on top of medical costs for treatment and rehabilitation? Trauma insurance provides funds for everyday living expenses and treatment costs. It may even allow you to make permanent lifestyle changes like returning to work part-time.

Your Financial Services Partners Adviser can determine if Trauma insurance is right for you, after they consider your needs and objectives. They can also determine which other wealth protection strategies can best meet your needs.

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