Life insurance

A Financial Services Partners Adviser can help assess how Life insurance can help you protect what is important.

What is Life insurance?

Life insurance is also known as term life insurance or death cover. Life insurance (or Life cover) provides peace of mind by paying a specified amount to your beneficiaries, ensuring that they are looked after in the event of your death. A lump sum or equivalent instalments can be paid to the policy owner, nominated beneficiaries or to your estate.

You can add Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover to your life cover policy in case you are unable to work due to a permanent disability. You may also add trauma cover which pays a benefit if you are diagnosed with one of a number of conditions such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

What kind of goals can Life insurance be used for?

Life cover becomes a necessity if you have dependants who rely on you financially or if you have debts which need to be extinguished upon your death.

Immediate expenses to take into account include:

  • medical or hospital costs
  • funeral costs
  • mortgage or other debts, and
  • ongoing income for your dependants.

Your Financial Services Partners Adviser can determine if Life insurance is right for you, after they consider your needs and objectives. They can also determine which other wealth protection strategies can best meet your needs.

Talk to us about how Life insurance might work for you

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