Managed funds

A Financial Services Partners Adviser may recommend managed funds as a part of your investment portfolio. They have access to comprehensive and independent research that helps them decide which managed funds are right for you and your investment portfolio.

What is a managed fund?

A managed fund brings together the assets of many investors into a single investment.

The investment is managed by a fund manager who manages the funds according to an investment objective, philosophy or strategy. There are over 100 fund management firms in Australia and many of them offer several kinds of managed fund products.

Investors hold 'units' in a managed fund. The price or value of those units moves up and down like a share price does.

Managed funds can include a variety of assets like property, shares, international shares and cash. They can also be geographically focused, such as Asia or Australia, or focused on a single asset class or specific industry sector.

What kind of goals can a managed fund be used for?

A managed fund can be used for a medium or long-term savings goal. They can provide investors with a higher level of diversification and access to the skill of expert investment managers.

Your Financial Services Partners Adviser has access to research that helps them determine which managed funds might be right for you, after they consider your needs and objectives.

Talk to us about how Managed Funds might work for you

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