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The quarterly edition of 'The Key' keeps you up to date with the current hot topics in the world of financial planning and personal wealth management. The current and topical areas of advice we look at can include superannuation, investment, retirement, wealth protection through insurance, redundancy and estate planning.

In addition, we also release a special Budget edition of 'The Key' newsletter shortly after each Federal Budget is announced each year.

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The Key Q4 2019

The Key Q3 2019 FINAL

Keeping in Touch - January 2020-white label

Keeping in Touch - Nov 2019 - How to protect your assets from expensive mistakes

Keeping in Touch - Oct 2019 - The power of regular investing

Keeping in Touch - Sep 2019 - Putting your goals first

Market Wrap - August 2019 - Markets rallied on rate cuts…

Keeping in Touch - July 2019 - Starting Again Financially

The Key - Q2 2019

Are you affected by the increase in the Age Pension’s qualifying age?

Keeping in Touch - March 2019 - Prune, adapt and budget: Managing the rising cost of living

If you’re organised with your finances, the high cost of living doesn’t have to mean diminished savings.

TheKey - Q1 2019

How to deal with irregular income

Beat the challenge of having irregular income by planning your finances.

Keeping in Touch - February 2019 - Smart ways to financially get ahead in your 40s

TheKey - Q4 2018

Weaning young adults off the bank of Mum and Dad

Helping young adults become financially independent may benefit both them and their parents.

Keeping in Touch - November 2018

Put your financial windfall to good use
Received a large sum of money? There are smarter ways to use it than treating yourself to a new luxury car or watch.

Market Wrap - Nov2018

Market Highlights - November 2018

  • Market volatility returns in October. Even though economic fundamentals remained strong, market volatility returned in October with share markets tumbling worldwide. Global shares returned -6.9% and -5.4% in hedged and unhedged terms respectively.

Keeping in Touch - October 2018

Smart ways to handle finances in a relationship
Staying on top of finances can help couples achieve their shared goals

Market Wrap - Oct 2018

Market Highlights - October 2018

  • Wall Street bulls keep charging. Global shares rose 0.8% on a hedged basis with the
    US market driving the biggest share of returns once again. The US market continues to deliver strong earnings supported by tax cuts.

Keeping in Touch - September 2018

Managing the cost of insurance
Life insurance policies don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are tips for making them more affordable.

TheKey - Q3 2018

Five ways to protect your financial information

As theft of financial data becomes common, securing accounts and personal has never been more important.

Keeping in Touch - August 2018

How to keep your business debt under control
Managing debt can help you keep your business out of financial trouble

Keeping in Touch - July 2018

Saving for retirement when you have dependants
Supporting your dependants doesn’t have to come at the expense of building your retirement nest egg.

TheKey - Q2 2018

A faster pace – what do new ‘disruptive’ industries mean for investors?

It feels like the world is spinning at a faster pace than ever and we don’t need to look far into the future to see even more ‘disruption’ ahead. But what does this tremendous technological momentum mean for investors?

TheKey - Q1 2018

Start your own business and thrive
There are many things to consider when starting a business, but if you are organised and not shy about asking for help, things will fall into place.

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